Jimi Hendrix

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The Jimi Hendrix slot has 20 winning combinations and multiple scatter symbols which all have their own free spins bonus games: Crosstown Traffic Free Spins, Purple Haze Free Spins and Free Spins Little Wing. Play Jimi Hendrix video slot online on your PC or your mobile device.
Some facts about the system behind most online slots:
Random Number Generator (RNG): The algorithm that is used for generating random numbers is Fortuna, a cryptographically secure random number generator. The Random Number Generator and its implementation has been tested and approved / certified according to industry standards by approved independent testing agencies.
Algorithm for any reel position:
A reel represents a sequence of symbols in which each symbol has a position.
1. A random number between 0 (zero) and the length of the reel is obtained.
2. The random number is added to the game “to use the new reel position.”