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Avatars Play Full Version

At the video slot Avatars from Yggdrasil, you need 3 matching symbols in one of the 6 spaces. Avatars has 7 regular symbols and a different game-field. So the 4 Faces symbols are the most valuable symbols at this slot. You see that a part of the Wheel lights up, that is the Hot Spot. If you spin a winning combi in that Spot, then you will get a Mystery Multiplier. The Multiplier can go up to even 101x. If you’re lucky and you spin 3 Red Faces in combination with a 101x Multiplier, you will win a prize more than 2000x your bet. The Free Spin feature will be activated if you land 3 Free Spin symbols on the Wheel. Your prize will be 10 Free Spins, you play this feature on a larger Wheel with 8 boxes. The number of Scatters in the Hot Spot is important. If you don’t have a Scatter in the Hot Spot then 2 Hot Spots are active and for example do you have 3 Scatters in the Hot Spot, then all 8 Hot Spots will be active. The more Hot Spots, the more chance to win the Mystery multiplier. This is a special game, try the Avatars slot for free or with real money online.

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